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Food Service Touch-Screen
Point-Of-Sale System (POS)

Since 1993, the Aprego product has evolved into perhaps the most revolutionary Windows based point of sale product available in the World. With thousands of terminals and users installed throughout North America and the world, Aprego is the one to look at for price and performance. Whether you need one, three or dozens of terminals, no system is as functional and affordable. Our specialty is the ability to deliver, install, customize and train your staff no matter where you are in the world at an incredibly low price, today!

Aprego offers you:
  • Fine Dining and Bar Modules
  • Quick Service Modules (QSR)
  • Hostess Modules
  • Rental Inventory Module
  • Theme Parks, Theme Restaurants, Resorts, Game Rooms, Maritime Applications
  • Automated Internet Updates
  • Distributed by Digital Copy & Custom Installed
  • and So Much More...
Aprego can help you manage your busy restaurant or bar with ease!

AdVenta Retail Dual Interface (Keyboard/Touch-Screen) Point-Of-Sale System (POS)

AdVenta is targeted toward a wide variety of applications. From a single user to a convenience store, grocery or department store, AdVenta POS makes it simple and efficient.

Some of the features of AdVenta include:

eat2go Online Food Ordering Internet Portal with a Desktop Client

Don't get in line, get online! eat2go -- it's about time! eat2go features include:
  • eat2go online ordering software expedites the takeout and delivery process using the most advanced technology in the most efficient way possible - the Internet.
  • Track, promote and expand your takeout and delivery business.
  • eat2go orders can print over the internet to any printer of your choice, even directly to your kitchen!
  • Orders are preauthorized and clean
  • eat2go offers the payment method of Cash for those clients wating to provide the Pay at Pick Up option.
  • eat2go puts control of your web business in your hands not of designers and programmers.
  • You don't have to incur the cost of designing a website in order to increase your take out, pick up, delivery and curbside dining business.
  • No mistakes, no busy signals, no labor costs allocated to taking online food orders, no updating of menus, no waiting in-line; instead, your customer gets online.
  • The eat2go portal is a sale generation, fulfillment and line-busting tool.
  • Distributed by Digital Copy & Custom Installed
  • Much More...
eat2go is the answer to the "Please Hold!?!" alternative!

Server511 Twilight SMS/MMS Messaging Platform Cloud and Desktop Enabled

Grow your business with the optimum marketing strategy and marketing tool -- 511 Messaging.
511 Messaging Server features include:
  • Keep up with consumer Awareness and Company Relevance leading to business success
  • The first businesses to exploit the new channels are poised to gain the most
  • Once signed up, we provision an SMS/MMS number, and you're ready to go!
  • It's as simple as 1, 2, 3. Provide the text, image and list of numbers to be blasted via text message
  • The 511 Messaging Server SaaS application does the rest
  • Text messaging is by far the most effective method of delivering your message with a guaranteed open rate
  • Send marketing, Barcodes, QR Codes, reminders, progress indicators, surveys, etc.
  • Endless possibilities for vertical applications and integrations!
  • Distributed by Digital Copy & Custom Installed
  • Much More...
96% of ALL text messages get opened within 4 minutes! Send your message today for pennies!

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