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Permissible Use

You may generally use Athyron Corp. trademarks to refer to the associated Athyron products or services. For instance, an authorized reseller can note in its advertisements that it is selling the Aprego Independence Line. Similarly, an Athyron customer may issue a press release stating that it has implemented Athyron Corp. software.

Relationship of Products or Services

You may indicate the relationship of your products or services to Athyron products or services by using accurate, descriptive taglines such as "for Athyron Aprego Independence," "for use with Athyron Time and Attendance application," and "works with Athyron software" in connection with your product or service name.


Athyron permits use of its marks and logos in single volume book titles (not magazines or periodicals) where such use is descriptive or referential. To avoid misleading the public as to Athyron sponsorship, affiliation or endorsement, the Athyron mark or the product mark must not appear more prominently than the rest of the title, and do not use Athyron logos on the cover. In addition, we request that you include a disclaimer of association with Athyron on the copyright page.

Prohibited Use

You may not use Athyron Corp. trademarks in a manner which could cause confusion as to Athyron sponsorship, affiliation or endorsement. Take particular care not to use Athyron Corp. marks as set out below.

Trademark Symbols and Credit Lines

Proper trademark attribution through trademark symbols and credit lines helps makes the public aware of our trademarks, and trademarks in general, and helps prevent them from becoming generic terms. Credit lines also help clarify that they belong to Athyron Corp. Accordingly, Athyron would appreciate you attributing ownership of Athyron trademarks to Athyron Corp. by using trademark symbols (TM or SM or ®) and credit lines.

(for additional information see terms-of-use)

From time to time, Athyron Corp. utilizes models and/or spoke-persons in order to promote its web sites, corporate image and/or products or services. Photography or image likeness of models and/or spoke-persons utilized by Athyron Corp., are trademarked and proprietary materials which may not be reproduces without prior authorization from Athyron Corp.


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